Our Message

GetOnBoard BC’s aim is to secure the funding needed to create a world-class transit system throughout Metro Vancouver, with new rapid transit lines and many more buses. This will not be cheap. It will only happen if we join together to ensure that transit funding is no longer an issue politicians can afford to procrastinate on. We plan to make transit, and facilities for walking and cycling to transit, a top priority for all levels of government.

It is time for better, cheaper and more convenient ways to get around our region. It’s time to imagine a better future for Metro Vancouver.


  • Avoiding traffic on the way to work, because reliable high quality transit connects your neighborhood to the whole region
  • Reduced carbon emissions to meet targets set in provincial law and prevent disastrous climate instability
  • More local green jobs workers can feel proud of
  • Affordable transportation, and protection from the oil price roller coaster
  • Better access and quality of life for people with disabilities and the growing population of elderly people who no longer drive
  • Ending the political gridlock which is preventing progress on rapid transit projects
  • Roads that are properly maintained, with lower vehicle repair costs, due to a “fix it first” philosophy
  • Better routes for walking and riding bicycles (as well as for people using wheelchairs and electric mobility scooters) to transit hubs and throughout the region
  • Quieter, safer and more livable communities with cleaner air